In Class Activity

Interviewing – and being interviewed – is a key skill to develop for professional situations. Based on the advice in your reading for this week (particularly p. 157-158), work with a classmate on one of the following mock interview scenarios.

Option 1: Suppose you want to know your partner’s views on media representations of 20-somethings in the workplace. What specific movies, books or other media does s/he think best show young adults’ struggles and experiences?

Option 2: How does being either a commuter or resident student affect one’s college experience?

Once you’ve decided which topic you’ll discuss, each of you should separately develop a list of 5-10 questions to ask each other. There should be some mix between open-ended and yes/no, between basic and follow-up. Once you have your questions ready, start the interview. Try to make it as natural as possible, with small talk and unscripted follow-up questions. Take notes as you chat.

When you feel you have a good idea of your partner’s views, do a short write-up of the conversation. Imagine this will be published in Pitt News – make it interesting and relevant to that audience. Also be sure to describe your partner and use quotations.

If you have extra time: Develop a list of potential secondary sources you could include in your write-up. What kinds of additional contextualizing information might be useful? Who else might you interview? Consider the checklist on p. 166 for ideas.


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