Wednesday’s (2/20) Assignment and Cover Letter Info

For Wednesday, please research the company you’ve written your resume (and will write your cover letter) for. Research the size of the company, how long they’ve been around, who’s in charge, who might be the hiring manager, what kinds of awards or industry accolades the company has received, any other locations, etc. Think about audience and purpose, as your chapter for this week suggests. The point here is to define and understand your audience for your job documents.

Do a short write up/profile of the company and bring it to class on Wednesday because we’ll be working with the info in class. You will hand this document in with your cover letter on Friday.

To clarify your cover letter assignment: the resume you handed in last week and this week’s cover letter MUST be for the same job posting and must work together like a real application packet would. The CL should be in proper letter format, no more than one page, and tailored to both the job posting you selected last week AND to highlight or compensate for information on your resume.


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