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Letter/Email Suggestions

The point of this assignment is to practice these formats in a setting outside the classroom. You should write about something you’re passionate about, or at least have marginal interest in. Pick a particular issue, a specific bit of praise, a detailed response to a news article. Keep in mind our discussion and critiques about the Amnesty International letter as you draft.


  • Complaint/praise to a company (check the label for “suggestions” or “complaints” information or google them and find contact info on their website)
  • Letter about a pet issue to the governor, senators, president, mayor or other public official (here’s one database with more options)
  • Write to a soldier (one site that aids in this)
  • Letter to the editor at the Post-Gazette or other newspaper of your choice
  • Fan letter to your favorite author, artist, actor, etc. (most have fan sites or contact information easily findable)

Let’s say a word count of around 500 words. Your letter or email should follow proper formatting and conventions set forth in your textbook. You’ll turn in a hardcopy draft to me in class on Friday (2/1), and I’ll add my comments. By the following Wednesday (2/6), you must revise your draft and mail (give me the addressed, sealed, stamped envelope in class) or email (bcc me) it to get credit for the assignment.

If you get a response or get published, do let the class know!


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