*Blog posts are due Fridays by 9 AM, unless otherwise noted
*Blog comments are due Fridays by 9 PM
*Your response comments are due Mondays by 9 PM

M Jan. 7: Introductions

W Jan. 9: In class writing activity

F Jan. 11: Discussion—defining professional writing

UNIT 1: Professionalization in a digital world

M Jan. 14: Introduction to website project, digital platforms discussion

            Reading due: Ch. 15, Writing for the Web

W Jan. 16: Commenting, connecting, and plagiarism

F Jan. 18: (Add/Drop Ends) Website critiques due in class. How to google.

M Jan. 21: NO CLASS

            Reading due: Ch. 6, Researching Your Subject

W Jan. 23: Job Shadow Project discussion

F Jan. 25: First blog post and comments due (no further reminders on this deadline)

M Jan. 28: Blogging workshop. Response comments due (no more reminders)

            Reading due: Ch. 8 Understanding the Principles of Business Correspondence

W Jan. 30: Discussion—what medium is right for your message?

F Jan. 31: Letter/email to a public official due –  select a public person or organization. In proper letter or email format, draft a letter about an issue or concern you have. Please pick something you care about and can write about with interest. You will actually have to send these to get credit for the assignment.

M Feb. 4: Discussion—reader perspectives considering your audience

Reading due: Ch. 3, Writing the Draft

W Feb. 6: In class process writing activity

F Feb. 8: NO CLASS, blog and comments still due

UNIT 2: Basic professional documents

M Feb. 11: Job materials and applications discussion

Reading due: Ch. 16, Finding the Right Job

W Feb. 13: Practice tailoring information

F Feb. 15: Resume drafts due in class—master and tailored (hardcopy, to me)

M Feb. 18: Resume workshop

Reading due: Ch. 1, Assessing Audience, Purpose, and Medium

W Feb. 20: Practice crafting cover letters

F Feb. 22: Tailored cover letter due in class (hardcopy, to me)

M Feb. 25: Cover letter workshop

Reading due: Ch. 9, Writing Business Correspondence

W Feb. 27: Discussion—tone and voice in writing

F March 1: Evaluation of group members’ blogs due (emailed memo to me and your group member, no blog post this week)

M March 4: Work time

Reading due: Ch. 4, Revising the Draft

W March 6: Job shadow project due, Discuss presentation project

F March 8: Withdrawal Date, NO CLASS



F March 15: SPRING BREAK (no blog post this week)

Midterm Conferences

M March 18: Conferences, no class

Reading due: Ch. 7, Designing Effective Documents and Visuals

            Bring presentation ideas to your conference & questions; be ready to discuss your blog

W March 20: Conferences, no class

F March 22: Conferences, no class

UNIT 3: Instructions, presentations, informal reports

M March 25: Linkedin overview

Reading due: Ch. 12, Writing Instructions

W March 27: In class instruction project

F March 29: Resume, Linkedin profile, and cover letter revisions due

M April 1: TBA

Reading due: Ch, 14, Giving Presentations and Conducting Meetings

W April 3: Discussion—how to give a boring presentation

F April 5: Job shadow revision due

M April 8: Presentations—write-up due when you present

Reading due: Ch. 10, Writing Informal Reports

W April 10: Presentations

F April 12: Presentations

M April 15: Peer workshops

W April 17: Work time

F April 19: Final report due

W April 24: Finalized blog design and content due at noon


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